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The Naked Tart

The Naked Tart

Specializing in healthy, raw, organic dessert tarts

How we started...

I actually didn't like being in the kitchen as a child.  I used to put the dishes away wet, just to get outside and play, but my sister would always catch me.  After college, and the 15 lbs I gained, I began paying attention to what I put in my mouth. 

I worked at a food co-op in White Plains, NY and really started learning about how to eat healthy.  Shortly after I moved to Charlotte, NC.  I worked full time as a designer and part time on the weekends at a Health Food store in the kitchen.  It was then that my passion for healthy eating really blossomed. The stomach aches I had experienced most of my childhood disappeared.  I could focus better and I just felt great. 

The Naked Tart is all about eating organic, raw whole foods.  We pride ourselves in making yummy, beautiful desserts that everyone can eat. 

If you are a diabetic, choose the chocolate tart sweetened with maple syrup, if you can not eat dairy or wheat or gluten they are all a perfect choice.  No more skipping dessert! 

You will feel great after eating one of these tarts and because of all the fiber and good fats they are not bad on your waistline.  We offer seasonal and local ingredient tarts.  Fig for the end of summer, carrot-ginger for the fall and chocolate-peppermint for the holidays.

Happy, healthy, yummy...what I have always dreamed of.



Diane Hughes the owner of The Naked Tart was born and raised in rural upstate New York. Her father grew up on a farm and then moved with her mother to the natural countryside of Kingston, NY. This beautiful part of New York State was filled with gardens, farms and dairies.
As Diane grew up and the food industry changed Diane developed digestive disorders. After visiting several doctors she was diagnosed with a "Nervous Stomach" and was told to just deal with it.
As an adult she decided to take matters into her own hands and found a Naturopathic doctor to help her. After two years of intense herbal remedies, a strict diet and treatments such as Reiki and nutritional education, Diane was cured. She was then committed to eating only organic and raw healthy foods.
It was not easy, the choices were slim and expensive. Dessert seemed to be a challenge, and sugar was in just about every dessert. Diane decided to create a healthy dessert to help herself and others dealing with digestive disorders, diabetes, chrones and celiac and so The Naked Tart was born.


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